Discover our exclusive skincare products, available for purchase in our clinic or after your treatment session. Each product is carefully selected to complement our range of services, ensuring you continue to experience the benefits of professional skin care at home. Enhance your beauty regimen with our top-quality products, perfect for maintaining the results of your treatments, including bio microneedling, facials, and more.


KB Pure, Israel’s largest professional dermo-cosmetics brand, offers products exclusively for professional use, requiring a skin diagnosis by authorized cosmetologists.

Available at numerous certified cosmetic salons nationwide, their range is backed by thousands of skilled cosmetologists and hundreds of thousands of successful treatments, emphasizing its status and efficacy in the professional skincare industry.


Hava Zingboim

Hava Zingboim’s R&D department, renowned for its expertise in skin aging and histology, collaborates with top dermatologists and scientists to develop advanced skincare solutions. Their extensive product range, featuring over 150 items across 10 lines, targets more than 60 skin symptoms.

Utilizing proprietary Deep Skin Technology, these products effectively deliver active ingredients like micronized hyaluronic acid deep into the skin. This approach treats skin issues at their root, ensuring comprehensive and effective skincare solutions



Dermalosophy specializes in innovative professional cosmetics, developing advanced formulas based on scientific, chemical, and skin research breakthroughs.Their products, rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and active ingredients, target various skin issues, promoting a healthier, younger look.

Designed for deep skin penetration, these products focus on skin renewal, aging, spot lightening, acne, and protection against external damage.

Dermalosophy ensures safe, effective results, with their professional skin treatments exclusively available through certified beauticians and salons.


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